Michael La Rose

Michael La Rose is Chair of the George Padmore Institute. Born in Trinidad, Michael La Rose is a director of New Beacon Books and worked there as the distribution manager for over ten years. He is a cultural and political activist and has been committed to the movement to develop the Caribbean Carnival in Britain at Notting Hill Carnival, Europe's largest cultural festival. He was vice-chairman of the Carnival Development Committee and was later chairman of the Association for a Peoples Carnival APC. He was founder and co-ordinator of the Peoples War Sound System and later became band leader and mas designer of the Peoples War Carnival Band for 15 years until its disbanding in 1998.
He is a writer, researcher and lecturer on popular culture of the African diaspora. He has been researching the Carnival movement in Britain and has published: Mas in Notting Hill: Documents in the Struggle for a Representative and Democratic Carnival 1989/90 (compiler), Police Carnival 1989 (co-editor), The Gerald Forsyth Story: The lifetime journey of a pan legend in the steelband movement (editor), Carl Gabriel; Carnival artist. He has also written many essays on Carnival and most recently co-edited the young people’s educational publication The History of the Steelband. Michael La Rose was a founder member of the Black Youth Movement, a member of the New Cross Massacre Action Committee, and a member of the organising committee of the International Book Fair of Radical Black and Third World Books. He currently works as a health and safety professional in London.