Who was George Padmore

The Institute is named after George Padmore, who is one of the major figures of the 20th century. Born in Trinidad, George Padmore demonstrated an independent intellectual and organisational position in the anti-colonial and international movements for change in the 1930s and 1940s.

He was a key figure in the organisation of the influential 5th Pan African Congress held in Manchester in 1945 and was an adviser to Kwame Nkrumah before and after the independence of Ghana in 1957.

George Padmore died after a short illness in 1959. Padmore’s vision was of a world unburdened from the arrogance and tribulation of empires and dedicated to equality, solidarity and hope. We have named our Institute after George Padmore as we see it continuing the traditions which shaped his life: independent, radical vision and outlook connecting the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, North America and Asia.

Please note that the George Padmore Institute was named in honour of George Padmore but does not house archive collections relating to him.