Angela Davis at the Keskidee Centre

I recently digitised a cassette of Angela Davis speaking at the Keskidee Centre on 10th December 1974, which had no other information written on it. I've been listening to it today and it really conveys something that a written transcript of the event wouldn't capture - the intimacy of the event in spite of the large number of people who attended; the atmosphere - children crying and complaining - in fact one of the biggest rounds of applause is given to a woman who asks her child to shut up because the child is whining whilst Angela Davis is speaking! It's wonderful to hear Angela Davis' sing-song voice and to hear her again and again speak of the need for unity, the need to join forces in the fight against racism and oppression. She was in London to attend a rally in support of political prisoners in southern Africa. At one point she mentions her visit to Cuba and how impressed she was, she also mentions her attendance of a Youth Rally in Berlin in the GDR. I know from my own research in East Germany that she was very well known there. Most of my East German friends had her book on their shelves at home. John La Rose is in the audience and he makes an appeal right at the end of the Q&A session in support of the Cricklewood 12. It would be great to hear from people who attended this event or from anyone who has further information about it.