Archive Showcase: May

We are starting a monthly archive showcase at the GPI. Each month we will be highlighting an item from our archive, writing about it, posting up images, or appealing for information. Below is the first of these showcases - one of our regular volunteers, Heiba Lamara, has been reading the Blackman Journal. Watch out for further showcases from next month in our news stream and on our Facebook page.

Can you tell us more about The Blackman journal?
Edited monthly in Kingston by Marcus Garvey Jr from 1969, the Blackman journal advertises itself as “The Official Organ of the African Nationalist Union” and the “authentic voice of Garveyism in Jamaica”.  In ‘Mwalimu Marcus Garvey Speaks’, the editor ambitiously sets out his vision of uniting “the African Nationalism of Marcus Garvey with the African Socialism of Kwame Nkrumah” to form  a “powerful doctrine called African National Socialism...Black power in its highest form”.
Garvey Jr’s strong editorial stance is as eclectic as it is unapologetic; regular features such as ‘Facts About The African Race’, and ‘Mwalimu Marcus Garvey Speaks’, are strung together with bite-size language classes in ‘Swahili Corner’, news from the UK in ‘The British Scene’, politically charged poetry, and advertisements for the work of Marcus Garvey Sr. Comment pieces range in topic from expositions on African nationalism and socialism, the state of the education system in Jamaica, to the rising price of sugar and chicken. 
The George Padmore Institute holds several copies of The Blackman journal in its archives (Vol.1 No.4,  Vol.2 No.1-2, 4-5. 7) but is missing the first ever issue and would love to find out more, so do leave us your comments or get in touch if you know more about this journal.