Bookman Project update

The Bookman project has been steadily taking shape since October last year. I've spent most Wednesdays at the GPI reading the archives of John La Rose, learning lots, and thinking about the local and global significance of New Beacon’s publishing work. The archivists and volunteers have been a huge help in navigating the exciting new collection, which consists of around 900 files, some containing over 100 letters, plus a recent addition of 204 manuscripts. There are also 52 boxes of contextual material, plus personal notebooks, posters, photographs and around 100 audio recordings. Archival research requires a combination of strategy and luck: there are often gaps in correspondence – we can imagine a telephone call or face-to-face meeting took place – and this means some informed guess-work or further detective work is necessary. We are very fortunate of course that Sarah White is usually on the premises and has an excellent memory! I have been particularly interested in finding out more about John La Rose’s many connections with French and Spanish-speaking writers in the Caribbean and look forward to sharing the research on the GPI website later in the year.