A Collection Preview *290620*

Here at the GPI there are collections less well known than others while being significant to specific lines of research.

With this in mind and starting today, every six weeks we'll share small pictorial previews of what's in-house.

While our collection on Sickle Cell is a small one, it highlights the various efforts made to raise awareness of the disease at a time when there was a general medical apathy around this crucial health issue affecting African/African-Caribbean people. The collection clearly shows community-led initiatives which positively impacted those affected. A significantly informative article published by Race Today in 1973 is included. Also in the collection is reference to the 1990 Faber and Faber publication; 'Sickle Cell Disease'  the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. Faber and Faber described the text as '...specifically aimed at non-specialist health workers, patients and their families. It fills a great need.' 

So we invite you to have a look and look forward to the time when we can once again welcome researchers into the GPI to engage more fully with this and other collections! 


Article from Race Today 1973