The GPI's exhibition 'Dream To Change the World - The Life and Legacy of John La Rose' continues its run at the Islington Museum and visitors have been recording their feedback in the Visitors' Book.

Here are some of the more recent ones:


'Just shows that nothing's impossible, no mountain's too high to climb. What an inspiring exhibition.' Douglas Chalmers


'We enjoyed the education we received. The boys enjoyed working on the worksheets from 'Getting to Know Ourselves.' Maxine Gyasi


'I was always inspired by John La Rose and the wonderful people around him and this exhibitiondoes him justice.

Congratulations to all involved and thanks to this museum for staging it so well.' Max Farrar


'John La Rose is and continues to be an inspirational human being; great, tirelessly working to educate and make a

difference positively.' Jean Joseph



The GPI thanks Islington Museum and all of you who continue to support the exhibition through visits and spreading the word!