Everyday Muslim and Archive Initiative

We have been collaborating periodically with the group Everyday Muslim (EM) for over a year as part of their project The Heritage Story of Black British Muslims in London.The project is almost at its end and the GPI is pleased to have been able to assist with training volunteers from EM in archiving, through workshops led by our archivist Sarah Garrod.What is exciting and gratifying for us at the GPI is the group's decision to deposit the completed material here at the institute.

The Heritage Story of Black Muslims in London is the first ever dedicated collection on the Black Muslim community in London. An exhibition emanating from the project will be held at the Granville Centre in Kilburn this October and Brent Museum and Archives will then host it from January - March 2019. We look forward to housing this ground breaking segment of London's living history!  


An image from The Heritage Story of Black British Muslims in London