Here to Stay: tracing the histories of anti-deportations resistance

This Saturday 9 February we are participating in Here to Stay: tracing the histories of anti-deportations resistance, ​part of the World Without Borders ​series organised by End Deportations. Our ionvolvement is a continuation of the GPI's Citizens of a Common Future Project (CCFP) through which we collaborate with diverse organizations and open up our archives to new and wider audiences. Resident Project Archivist Sarah and the CCFP's Community Development Officer Teju will be presenting deportation documents from the following GPI collections: Black Parents Movement, John La Rose's Personal Archives and Race Today. 

Other sessions will include: 

Looking at archival materials from the GLC’s Anti-Deportations Working Group (ADWG), joined by original members Anne Neale and Sue Shutter

Nigel de Noronha talking about the Tandana Collection, a large archive of material about the Asian Youth Movements (AYMs), joined by Sita Balani

The screening of ‘Tasting Freedom’, Ken Fero’s 1994 film about resistance within detention centres, followed by a discussion on hunger strikes and other forms of resistance tactics

Here to Stay... ​coming days after the sentencing of the Stansted 15 will give space for timely reflection on the history of anti-deportations resistance in the UK.


Date: Saturday 9 February

Time: 1 pm - 5 pm

Venue: Raven Row  56 Artillery Lane London E1 7LS

This is a free event