Launch of Gone To Drift by Diana McCaulay: 16 June

The George Padmore Institute and New Beacon Books have pleasure in inviting you to the UK launch of Gone To Drift  by Diana McCaulay who will be reading from and discussiing her new novel.

Thursday  16 June at 7 pm

76 Stroud Green Road N4 3EN


Gone To Drift tells the story of Lloyd who is 12 years old and from Kingston, Jamaica and who is searching for his beloved grandfather, Maas Conrad, a fisherman lost at sea. Suspecting that his grandfather has witnessed an illegal capture of dolphins and is now perhaps hurt or has even been killed, Lloyd enlists the help of an "uptown" girl who studies dolphins, his best friend Dwight and a mad man called Slowly. Unknown to Lloyd, Maas Conrad is in fact alive, though marooned. Gone To Drift is an exciting adventure story in which the 12 year old realises that his grandfather's enemies and those of their beloved Caribbean Sea, are closer to home than he could ever imagine. 

"Gone To Drift is a Jamaican coming-of-age story: realistic, often funny and deeply touching." Pamela Mordecai

Diana McCaulay is a lifelong resident of Kingston, Jamaica who founded the Jamaica Environment Trust in 1991 and who still serves as its CEO.

She is the author of two earlier acclaimed novels - Dog Heart (2010) and Hurracan (2012). Gone To Drift  was an award winner in the Burt Award for Caribbean Literature for a Young Adult novel.

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