The 3rd John La Rose Memorial Lecture

Ngugi wa Thiong'o's lecture at the AfroEuropes conference (1 – 4 October, 2013)  was a powerful reminder of the conviction of his ideas and his voice. During four days of papers which explored political and cultural dimensions of what might be meant by “AfroEuropean identity”, questions of language came up again and again. We asked what role did translation play in that space? How were political and cultural institutions across Europe shaped by the global dominance of English in particular?

Dig My Archive Exhibition at the Marcus Garvey Library

The “Dig My Archives Schools Project” exhibition will be at the Marcus Garvey Library from Tuesday 1 October until 31st October 2013 as part of the library's Black History Month programme.

A pop-up exhibition of the two-year “Dig My Archives Schools Project” run by the George Padmore Institute. The project aimed to bring the archives of John La Rose to young people, raise awareness of the Black civic contribution to post 1960’s Britain and inspire young people and their group leaders to access services they may have previously not know of.

The Third John La Rose Memorial Lecture

This year the George Padmore Institute is collaborating with AfroEuropes, the Institute of English Studies and Speaking Volumes to present the third in a series of John La Rose Memorial Lectures which is itself part of 'AfroEurope@ns IV: Black Cultures and Identities in Europe: Continental Shifts, Shifts in Perception' which runs from the 1-4 October at the University of London: Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU.

Interview with Linton Kwesi Johnson about the Black Panthers

As part of Photofusion's Organised Youth project, a team of young people from the Brixton area have begun interviewing and photographing members of the British Black Panther Movement which was active in the area during the 60s and 70s. The project includes an oral history interview with GPI trustee Linton Kwesi Johnson, covering his years as a member of the Black Panther Movement.  The interview was recorded on Friday 26th July . Conducted by Keanna Williams and Lydia Amoabeng.

Archive Showcase: June

In 1971, one hundred years after it first opened, the Gifford Mission Hall on Gifford Street in Islington became the Keskidee Centre. it was bought for £9000 by Oscar Abrams, a Guyanese architect and cultural activist, and was for several years a pioneering cultural centre dedicated to promoting the work of emerging artists from the African and Caribbean diaspora. The Keskidee's motto was: "A Community Discovering Itself Creates Its Own Future".

Sarah's Backchat from the Bocas Litfest

Trinidad April 2013 – my first trip for 14 years, and my first visit without John. I have been invited down by the Bocas Litfest to receive an award on behalf of New Beacon Books. I am combining this honour with a long needed visit to John’s family in Arima.


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