Pedro Perez Sarduy

I haven't had much time to catalogue of late but yesterday I delved into a slim file of correspondence and ephemera relating to the Cuban poet, writer and journalist, Pedro Perez Sarduy. It was good to practice my Spanish! A card and 2 short letters sent to John La Rose in the 1980s covered a lot of ground, including the U.S. invasion of Grenada; the involvement of Rogelio Martinez Fure with the International Book Fair of Radical, Black and Third World Books; an article Sarduy was writing about the assassination of Mikey Smith and an exhibition he was organising together with Jean Stubbs of the work of Cuban sculptors Eduardo Roca aka Choco and Nelson Dominguez. Sarduy also enquired about the possibility of New Beacon publishing some of his poems and whether his poem on Grenada, Riddled with Insult, could be included in a Poetry Evening, as a message of solidarity with the people of Grenada and a small homage to Maurice Bishop. The file also contained a report by Sarduy, What Do Blacks Have in Cuba?, dated 27 Aug 1995. Both John and Pedro come across as such polymaths, involved in so many causes, passionate about art, poetry, music, politics and life.