Building Britannia: Life experience with Britain

Edited by Roxy Harris and Sarah White (2009). Contains conversations with: Dennis Bovell describing his development into a pioneering musician and producer in reggae and popular music. Althea McNish explaining how her early artistic talent flowered into a career in fabric and textile design. Gus John outlining his unexpected trajectory from trainee catholic priest to campaigner for racial equality and social justice and later chief eduation officer. Wilfred Wood tracing his journey to the top of the Church of England as the first black bishop in that institution. Aggrey Burke exploring the links between his youth in the Caribbean, his student years in the UK and his eventual career as a psychiatrist. Yvonne Brewster providing a vivid account of the roots of her training and later career in drama both as an actor and producer in theatre and television. Alexis Rennie giving an enlightening insight into his life as a black engineer in Britain.

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