Exploring Archives: The George Padmore Institute (History and Citizenship Key Stages 3-4)

By Roshi Naidoo (published by MLA London)

A teachers' resource pack to support creative citizenship education through the use of archives

Contents: Teachers' handbook - including learning activity sheets for students; 30 colour image cards and a CD-Rom

The Exploring Archives series of resource packs was developed as part of Museums, Libraries and Archives (MLA) London's Archives and Education Innovation project 2004-06, funded via the Department for Education and Skills and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport Strategic Commissioning Programme. In addition to the publication of this series, MLA London is also working to improve links with schools in the capital through a programme of advocacy and outreach initiatives led by two regional schools liaison officers, the delivery of sector-based training and consultation events and the co-ordination of a 'Learning Links' placement scheme for teachers and education practitioners working in the museum and archive domains.

This resource pack has been put together using the archives of the George Padmore Institute, which address the key themes of understanding diversity and challenging racism and discrimination. The histories contained at the GPI are different to those most commonly used to illustrate the Caribbean, African and Asian 'contribution' to Britian for the archives place those histories at the heart of British national culture rather than as a peripheral special interest story. If young people are to be equipped for contemporary debates on citizenship and 'Britishness', they require a more rounded knowledge of our diverse, interconnected and inspiring histories - and, by utilising this resource pack, the GPI archive can be harnessed into challenging narrow definitions of what it means to be British.

FREE - The George Padmore Institute has a number of these Exploring Archive resource packs to give away to teachers and others who would like to use them in their teaching. Email us at info@georgepadmoreinstitute.org to request your pack today.