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The following list is divided into George Padmore Institute Publications and Titles Linked to the George Padmore Institute and its Archives. Items are listed in alphabetical order.

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Beacon of Hope: New Beacon in Poetry and Prose: ‘New Beacon Books – the Pioneering Years’ by Ruth Bush and ‘Surge’ introduction and poem by Jay Bernard

Contains research and creative work done under the auspices of the George Padmore Institute. In 2018 Jay Bernard won the Ted Hughes award for new poetry with a multimedia sequence of Surge the poem created after exploring the New Cross Massacre archives at the GPI in 2016. Since then an expanded version of the poem has been published by Penguin Books. (2016; 76pp; 978 1 9996198 1 7)



Building Britannia: Life Experience With Britain edited by Roxy Harris, Sharmilla Beezmohun and Sarah White

Continues the history of the black British experience begun in Changing Britannia (1999). With Dennis Bovell, dub musician; Gus John, education and social justice consultant; Aggrey Burke, psychiatrist; Yvonne Brewster, theatre director and actress; Wilfred Wood, Anglican bishop; Althea McNish, textile designer and painter; Alexis Rennie, engineer. (2009, 294pp, 978 1 873201 16 9)



Changing Britannia: Life Experience With Britain edited by Roxy Harris and Sarah White

A ground breaking history of the black British post war experience, containing talks by seven diverse black Britons, all pioneers in their own fields. Whether coming to terms with racism in football, revolutionising radio programming or creating a dynamic new genre of poetry, all the contributors act as bridges between the old world of Empire and the new world quest for racial and social justice in Europe. Contributors are: Pearl Connor-Mogotsi on theatre and film; Garth Crooks on football; Linton Kwesi Johnson on poetry and recording; Courtenay Griffiths on law; Michael La Rose on sound systems; Alex Pascall on radio broadcasting; Colin Prescod on social academia, analysis and film-making. (1999, 248pp, 978 1 873201 15 2)



Dream to Change the World: The life and legacy of John La Rose – the book of the exhibition edited by Sarah Garrod, Nicole-Rachelle Moore and Sarah White

John La Rose (1927-2006) was a poet, essayist, publisher, film maker, trade unionist, and cultural and political activist, who touched the lives of many people from around the world. This exhibition held in 2015 in Islington north London attempted to show what John believed in and how he lived his ‘dream to change the world’, through his life and his political and cultural activism. His vision was for a world of racial equality and social justice. ‘The Book of the Exhibition’ aims to bring the reader as close as possible to the stimulating experience of the 2015 exhibition through the images and text used together with some additional text, photos and captions added to expand an understanding of the overall themes presented. (2018; 64 pp; 52 in colour; 978 1 9996198 0 0)   



Mangrove Nine produced by John La Rose and Franco Rosso

40-minute film about the trial and charges that arose from a demonstration to protest against police harassment of the popular Mangrove Restaurant in Notting Hill in the early 1970s. An historic event in the life and political development of the black community in Britain. (2012 [1973]; dvd; 978 1 873201 27 5)                   



A Meeting of the Continents: the International Book Fair of Radical Black and Third World Books – Revisited: history, memories, organisation and programmes 1982-1995 edited by Sarah White, Roxy Harris and Sharmilla Beezmohun

Details how the Book Fair came into being, was organised, the role of the founder John La Rose, how and why it ended; with memoirs by participants from around the world. Includes the 12 brochures accompanying the Book Fairs and an index. (2005; 560 pp; illustrated throughout; 978 1 873201 18 3)



The New Cross Massacre Story: interviews with John La Rose; prologue by Linton Kwesi Johnson and epilogue by Gus John

The New Cross Fire took place on 18 January 1981 at 439 New Cross Road. It claimed the lives of 13 young black people who were enjoying a 16th birthday party. One other partygoer died a year later and 26 of the revellers suffered serious injuries. This is reprint of the original booklet, published in 1984 by the Alliance of the Black Parents Movement the Black Youth Movement and Race Today Collective. The significance of the period and the event today are also explored by Linton Kwesi Johnson and Gus John. (2011 [1984]; 80pp; b&w illustrations; 978 1 873201 31 2)



Unending Journey: selected writings by John La Rose; introduction by Linton Kwesi Johnson

A taster selection of short essays and writings that reflect John La Rose’s varied lifetime preoccupations: politics, literature, music, artistic creativity, culture and society, technology, trade union and worker solidarity, social equality and racial justice. “There is both clarity and complexity in his ideas; and his prose exhibits the art of a consummate communicator.” Linton Kwesi Johnson. (2014; 86pp; b&w illustrations; 978 1 873201 29 9)                           




Three lectures that reflect and explore ideas and concerns close to John La Rose’s heart. Texts of each lecture and discussion are published: the first two accompanied by a dvd and the third with a cd and numerous photographs

David Abdulah: Politics and Peoples’ Power After Obama   (2010; 978 1 873201 25 1) 

Jayne Cortez: The Changing Nature of Black Cultural Politics 1960-2010 (2011; 978 1 873201 28 2)

Ngugi wa Thiong’o: Resisting Metaphysical Empires: language as a war zone

(2013; 978 1 873201 30 5)

£5.00 each



Art in the Caribbean: an introduction by Anne Walmsley and Stanley Greaves

The first section contains a Gallery of 40 Artworks made in the Caribbean between the 1940s and 2000s. The second section provides a Historical Background covering the Pre-Columbian period (5000BC-AD1500); the colonial and early independence period (1500-1900); the modern and contemporary period (1900-2010); and a Time line. (2010; 184pp; numerous colour plates/illustrations; 978 1 873201 22 0)                             



The Caribbean Artists Movement 1966-1972: a literary and cultural history by Anne Walmsley

The classic history of this major cultural movement of Caribbean writers and artists founded in 1966 by Kamau Brathwaite, Andrew Salkey and John La Rose. CAM flourished in Britain in the late 1960s, and influenced many later intellectual and artistic developments. Anne Walmsley donated all the material she used in the writing of this book to the GPI archive, including research interviews and transcripts of original recordings of CAM meetings and conferences. (1992; 356pp; 8pp colour; numerous b&w illustrations; 978 1 873201 06 0)          



Dream To Change The World: a film about John La Rose directed by Horace Ove

Based on an interview that John La Rose did with Errol Lloyd concerning the Caribbean Artists Movement, New Beacon Books and the relation between culture and politics, and which Horace Ove then expanded with material on John’s background and childhood in Trinidad and his activities in London. A celebration of the man who ‘dreamed to change the world’. Horace Ove is a distinguished Trinidadian photographer and filmmaker. (2006; dvd; 76min)



Foundations of a Movement: tributes to John La Rose edited by Roxy Harris and Sarah White

Over 60 friends and colleagues write about their relationship with John, how their activities were affected by his political and cultural perspectives and by his methods of work. Political and personal memoirs, essays and poems from the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, the USA and the UK are all included. (1991; 196pp; 978 1873201 07 7)



New Beacon Review No 1 July 1885 edited by John La Rose

Contains a reprint of the document of the West Indian Standing Conference issued around the struggle against the colour bar on London buses in the 1960s. (1985; 112pp; 978 0 901241 64 1)  



New Beacon Review Nos 2/3 November 1986 edited by John La Rose

Contains a reprint of the 1966 document on ‘Nigger Hunting in England’ by Joseph A. Hunte. (1986; 160pp; 978 0 901241 69 6)