Publishing for Activism

As part of our ongoing celebration of the 50th anniversary of New Beacon Books, the third in a series of events takes place:

'Publishing for Activism' will take place on Thursday 3 November and will feature a panel to include Michael La Rose (Director of New Beacon Books and Chair of the GPI), Roxy Harris (Trustee of the GPI) and Mogniss Abdallah (Coordinator of Agence IM'media). John La Rose understood publishing to be a 'vehicle' which gave 'independent validation to one's own culture, history, politics - a sense of self - and to make a break with the discontinuity.' 'Publishing for Activism'  discusses how some activist organisations have been influenced by La Rose's perspective and have used publishing of information as a campaign strategy against various forms of racial/social injustice both in the United Kingdom and internationally. There will also be an exploration of 'the impact of changing technologies on the possibilities open to activists.'

We do hope you will join us for what will be a highly stimulating evening of discussion and interrogation.

Start time: 7pm Venue: George Padmore Institute 76 Stroud Green Road London N4 3EN Admission: £5.00 Tel: 0207 272 4889 Email: 

Third event celebrating the 50th anniversary of New Beacon Books