So We Stand Summer School - Reclaiming the Riots

Reclaiming the Riots & Insurgencies
In legacy, representation and strategies of resistance  - One year on where do we stand

The George Padmore Institute participated on Thursday 28 June in a lively discussion on last year's riots, what lessons can be learnt and how we move forward. The meeting, held at Caxton House in north London, was attended by some 60 activists – mainly young but also with a few old stalwarts. Remi Harris, GPI trustee and GPI Generation organiser, ably chaired the meeting, keeping the speakers to their allotted time and so giving space for very thoughtful and interesting contributions from the floor. The speakers included Michael La Rose (chair of the GPI), Nim Ralph from So We Stand, Fahim Alam (Race equality campaigner) and Sukant Chandan (Founder, Sons of Malcom and Journalist). This event was a precursor to the training summer school for young activists that So We Stand is holding from 9 to 13 July. The George Padmore Institute will be hosting a workshop during the school where we will look at why archiving is important, why activists should take control of how their actions will be recorded and how activists can learn from their and others' political histories.

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