A statement from the Chair on the death of Ian Macdonald

It is with deep regret and sadness that the Trustees of the George Padmore Institute announce the death of our founder trustee, dear friend and comrade Ian Macdonald. Ian was a trustee from our beginning in 1991 until he died. Born in Scotland, throughout his adult life he was constantly involved in practical activism in support of racial equality and social justice. His legal work for campaigns by The Black Parents Movement, The Black Youth Movement and Race Today Collective was especially important and decisive. Ian unsparingly used his superb skills as a barrister to help the British black and brown population challenge racist police corruption and violence, and the linked indifference of the legal system.These legal cases are too numerous to mentionhere, but those coming to public prominence included The Mangrove 9 Case (1970), The New Cross Massacre Inquest (1981), The Murder of Ahmed Ullah Inquiry (1987) and The Roger Sylvester Inquest (2003).


Detailed evidence of Ian’s work is available across multiple collections in the George Padmore Institute Archives.


Ian Macdonald was a great man. We salute him. We will greatly miss him.


Roxy Harris (Chair, George Padmore Institute) 13.11.19