Dig My Archives! School Project

Looking back at our successful Dig My Archives! project working with 2 local primary schools, it makes you realise how expert young students are at creating and structuring their own sessions! All those frantic hours planning the logistics of group visits, working out how best to convey the role of the archivist etc. Choose some suitable documents and the level of curiosity is enough to start a roller coaster. Before long, you are following the students as they carve out their own path to discovery.

Beyond the Fringe Conference: Archives of Pressure Groups

This is my first ever attempt at a blog and I feel like I'm back at school, which I'm sure is not the point. Last week Sarah G, Sarah W and I attended the British Records Association Annual Conference - Beyond the Fringe: Archives of Pressure Groups, which was held at the Bishopsgate Institute. I just wanted to share some thoughts about the conference.

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