Unending Journey Selected Writings by John La Rose

John La Rose was a cultural and political activist who wrote numerous articles and essays and gave many interviews and speeches. All these reflected his hope, imagination, original thinking, serious analysis abd wide interests. In 2014 the George Padmore Institute edited an anthology of selected writings by John La Rose which covers analyses and perspectives from the 1960s through to the year 2000. Linton Kwesi Johnson in his introduction to the anthology wrote: 'The eclectic nature of the writing reflects and range of his thinking. There is both a clarity and complexity in his ideas and his prose exhibits the art of a consummate communicator.' Artistic creativity, culture, literature, music, politcs and society were all 'lifetime preoccupations' of John La Rose. In the film 'Dream To Change the World' he spoke of the significance he attributed to social creativity: "I attach as much importance to that as I do my own personal artistic creativity."

'Unending Journey Selected Writings' makes available some of John La Rose's pertinent observations that continue to resonate today and can be purchased for £5 from New Beacon Books.