Voices Across The Wall

Screening of short documentary on the West Bank, plus discussion with the film maker.

GPI Generation hosts a film screening and discussion with the director Sam Liebmann.


Voices Across The Wall is a set of short stories and interviews exploring the Israel-Palestine conflict through the eyes of people on the ground - from an intifada veteran turned social worker to the leader of the Jewish National Front, from the father of a Palestinian suicide bomber to an Israeli survivor of an attack that killed her husband and children.

As we travel through the West Bank we see the ongoing colonisation of Palestinian land and hear from the occupied and the occupiers.  Through a series of personal accounts of the day-to-day impact of conflict and occupation, the film reveals some of the complexities often unseen by the the outside world that underlie this most intractable of political problems.

GPI Generation wanted to show this film because it has been made by a young film-maker, with the aim of giving people a clearer idea of some of the complicated aspects of the war and occupation.  We will watch the film (37 minutes) and then hold a q&a with the director. 

Sam Liebmann the director of Voices Across the Wall, is a young film maker and sports journalist from Finsbury Park.

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May 16, 2010
George Padmore Institute, 76 Stroud Green Road, London N4 3EN