Ephemeral material collected by John La Rose between the 1950s and the 1980s. Selected items from the 1990s are also included. The material chosen here covers political and cultural trends during the period, especially in the UK and Caribbean.

Blue text-based flyer listing names of performers and position in band.
Flyer Advertising 'Peter King and Shango' Jazz Band at the Keskidee Centre

The collection consists of published material, publicity material and routine correspondence designed to be kept for a short period of time. For many, such items would quickly deteriorate in importance after receipt and be thrown away. Typical examples include leaflets, flyers, handbills, magazines, public letters and information sheets. However, John La Rose recognised the importance of keeping such material as it adds context to events, records the ongoing activities of numerous organisations and reminds us of public opinions at different points in time.

Flyer printed on white paper with a photo of Angela Davis at the top, together with a quotation. Flyer lists participants in the benefit evening. Someone has written 'Tickets on sale here' onto the flyer, suggesting it was on display at some point prior to the event.,
Angela Davis and George Jackson Benefit Evening at the Mermaid Theatre (18 April 1971)

John La Rose placed the material into boxes for future sorting. The original box titles have been retained in the current catalogue structure: UK Community Relations, UK Culture, UK Society and Politics, Africa, Caribbean, Cuba, East - covering the Middle East, Asia and Australasia - and North America. Material is then broken down by country, organisation or topic.


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