The George Padmore Institute is an archive, educational resource and research centre housing materials relating to the black community of Caribbean, African and Asian descent in Britain and continental Europe.

Founded in 1991, we are based in North London where we often hold educational and cultural activities including talks and readings. We also publish relevant materials and are making our archives accessible to the general public.

Build Your Own Archive! Workshops: CHANGE OF DATE

For anyone interested in attending the remaining sessions of our Build Your Own Archive! workshops, please note that the dates have now changed:

Sessions 2 and 3 of our workshop series will now be held as follows:

Session 2: Saturday 6 April (2.00-5.00pm) - Conducting Research Within Archives

Session 3: Saturday 4 May (2.00-5.00pm) - Digital Archives

Full details for Session 2 will be published soon, so keep an eye on our website, social media and Eventbrite. 


40th Anniversary of the Grenada Revolution

Forty years ago on the morning of 13 March 1979 on the Caribbean island of Grenada, the defence wing of the New Jewel Movement (NJM) overthrew the government led by Eric Gairy. It was a bloodless coup which was hailed not just by Grenadians, but by many other island nations in the region. Maurice Bishop, the most prominent leader of the revolution became the country's second Prime Minister.

6 March 2019: Writing & Activism with David Austin

Join us at the GPI on Wednesday 6 March as we welcome the award winning author David Austin who'll be sharing perspectives and readings from his two titles published by Pluto Press in 2018.

​In Dread Poetry and Freedom; Linton Kwesi Johnson and the Unfinished Revolution ​Austin delves into themes of 'poetry, political consciousness and social transformation' through the lens of the Jamaican-British poet's own literary activism.

Build Your Own Archive!

George Padmore Institute (GPI), Sat 23 February 2019: 2.00-5.00pm.

Over the next three months, in collaboration with PhD researcher Vivian Latinwo-Olajide and the University of Leicester, the George Padmore Institute is proud to present a three part workshop series introducing participants to basic archival practice, whilst exploring critical questions. All sessions are free, but donations to the GPI are welcome.

3 March 2019: Foundations Vol. 3 with Shabaka Hutchings

Foundations is a new monthly reading group with a special guest bringing texts, films and music that have been foundational to their political and creative becomings. The event takes its name from the writing of John La Rose, and the New Beacon Books publication of the same name. These texts will be placed in conversation with related material from The George Padmore Institute. Each edition will feature intimate, open discussions and coincide with open days to allow greater access to selected material outside our regular opening hours.


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