Journals and Newspapers from the UK and Caribbean archive collection

This archive collection at the George Padmore Institute (GPI) includes journals, newsletters and newspapers published in the UK and Caribbean.

The majority of the items belong to the 1960s and 1970s, which was a very active period of black struggles in both the UK and the Caribbean. In the UK, organisations were formed to fight acts of racism, to protect rights and to promote the culture of the new immigrant population. In the post-independent Caribbean, it was a period of new radical and cultural ideas. There was also a lot of contact and mutual influence between the populations of the Caribbean and the UK at this time. Many people from the Caribbean came to British universities to study and there was a movement of people and ideas between the two regions.

The GPI collection includes such journals as Race Today, Black Liberator, Black Ram and Caribbean Insight from the UK, and New World Quarterly, New World Fortnightly, Jamaica Journal, New Beginning Movement and Kontakto Antiyano from the Caribbean.

Newspapers include The Hustler, Grassroots, Black Panther Movement Publications and Black Echoes from the UK, and Abeng, Moko, Tapia, Ratoon, Dominica Star, Caribbean Contact and Struggle from the Caribbean.

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New World Quarterly (Croptime 1966) and Black Life - Brixton published by the Black Panther Movement (16 March 1973)