National Anti-Racist Movement in Education Archive Collection

August 5, 2021

The George Padmore Institute (GPI) holds archive materials relating to the National Anti-Racist Movement in Education (NAME) (1985-2004) and the organisations which preceded it. NAME was a voluntary organisation concerned with race equality and schooling. Its origins can be traced to c.1965 with the birth of the Association(s) of Teachers of English to Pupils from Overseas (ATEPO). Members included teachers, students, lecturers, advisers, administrators and Education Welfare Officers.

By March 1983, ATEPO had become The National Association for Multiracial Education (NAME) following concerns that ATEPO was not participating sufficiently in national affairs. NAME was primarily concerned with assisting teachers and advisors, whether inside or outside the classroom, who worked in multiracial and multicultural environments. Among many other things, it provided information through publications and organised debates at local events and annual national conferences. NAME lobbied local authorities and the government on issues of multiracial education and also collaborated with organisations such as the Anti-Racist Teacher Education Network (ARTEN) and the National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE) to develop courses and materials.

In 1984, NAME changed its title to the National Anti-Racist Movement in Education (keeping the same acronym) in order to focus more specifically on racism in society and the education system. This was seen by some as a controversial move, sparking a debate between multiculturalism and antiracism, and may have contributed to a long-term decline in membership. During the 1990s, NAME formed itself into a smaller, centrally-led pressure group, responding to government papers, OFSTED publications and similar. A decision was taken to close NAME in 2004.

Ex-members of NAME decided to form NAMERAP (NAME Research and Archive Programme) in 2006, with the intention of compiling a NAME archive as a basis for research. The archive was later gifted to the George Padmore Institute.

For more detailed information about the National Anti-Racist Movement in Education (NAME) archive collection visit the archive page here.

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