Our trustee and co-founder Sarah White has sadly passed away

February 4, 2022

We are extremely saddened to announce that Sarah White, our Trustee and dear friend, has died. Sarah was a veteran activist in the struggle for racial equality and social justice for over half a century. With her partner John La Rose, she co-founded New Beacon Books in 1966, and remained a director there until 2019. She was involved in the Caribbean Artists Movement (1966 on), supported the Black Parents Movement, and was one of the main organisers of the International Book Fairs of Radical Black and Third World Books (1982-95). Sarah was a co-founder of the George Padmore Institute in 1991 and served as our Secretary until 2021. She has been a major donor to the Institute, as well as leading on most of our fundraising activities.  

Always cheery, with a ready laugh belying her sharp memory and intellect, Sarah will be greatly missed by us and by so many other people in the UK and all over the world who had the privilege to know her.

Sarah Swinburne White, born 5 April 1941, died 4 February 2022, two months before her 81st birthday.

To send messages of condolence and tributes, please email us at: sarahwhitememorial@gmail.com

Sarah White