Reaching New Generations: The Films

December 14, 2021

Over the past year, the George Padmore Institute (GPI) has produced a series of short films to bring the true and important stories of Black British communities held at the GPI archive to new generations. Each film showcases an individual archive collection. They provide a unique insight into the movements and activism of black and Asian communities. Including first-hand accounts from members and activists from those communities, the stories held in the archive have been told in a truly impactful way. The last film in the series will be available to view shortly.

The films are all available to view on our website

New Cross Massacre

Five personal recollections from GPI Trustees Roxy Harris and Linton Kwesi Johnson, academic and photographer Vron Ware, playwright Rex Obano and poet Jay Bernard. They talk about the impact of the fire and why it is important to ensure the tragedy is never forgotten.

The Caribbean Artists Movement (CAM)

GPI co-founder and Trustee Sarah White and Trinidadian artist, poet and filmmaker Christopher Laird talk about the early days of CAM and its international impact.

Black Supplementary Schools

GPI Trustee Roxy Harris and Victor Sylvester recall their involvement in the Black Supplementary School Movement.

The International Book Fairs of Radical Black and Third World Books 1982-1995

The first black female publisher in the UK, Margaret Busby, and GPI Trustee Janice Durham talk about the Book Fairs and the importance of the archive collection at the GPI.

John La Rose Ephemeral Collection

The GPI’s archivist Sarah Garrod and Trinidad’s David Abdulah, a trade unionist and long-time colleague and friend of John La Rose, talk about John’s passion for collecting ephemeral materials and what they tell us about past events.

The Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners in Kenya (CRPPK)

GPI Trustee Chris Moffat and member of the CRPPK Yvonne Brown talk about the international reach of the Committee, the inspiration of renowned Kenyan author Ngugi wa Thiong'o's struggle against oppression, and how the materials in the CRPPK collection still hold lessons for organising resistance at a grass root level.

Black Education Movement

Renowned activist and scholar Professor Gus John talks about the Black Education Movement and the archive collection at the GPI.

Joan Goody

The GPI’s archivist Sarah Garrod, and Joan’s friends and colleagues Jenny Green and Lawrence Scott talk about her pioneering work to introduce Caribbean, African and Asian literature into British schools.

Our Reaching New Generations Project was made possible by a National Lottery Project Grant from Arts Council England.

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