Reviews of Dream to Change the World

December 9, 2021

Our children’s book Dream to Change the World is part of a project to bring the real and important stories of Black British communities held at the George Padmore Institute (GPI) archive to new generations. Written by the award-winning writer Ken Wilson-Max, the beautifully illustrated story for five-to-eight-year-olds tells the true inspiring story of John La Rose, the co-founder of the GPI. A curious, joyful boy born in Trinidad loves music and reading, and who grows up to become an inspirational leader.

Ken Wilson-Max says ‘My hope for the book is to show people that we are more similar than different and equally entitled to history, culture, pride and dignity. These stories are accessible to all children and encourage them to step into another experience of the world’.


The Northern Dad said ‘Initially, I thought my son would just read it as another book. But … he said something that just, in my opinion, summed the whole purpose of this book up. “That boy is just like me, I like to read, write, play and listen to music. He just has different coloured skin.” I think that is such an important thing to remember. We are all the same, regardless of skin colour.’

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Jupiter Hadley said ‘He sounds like every other child – one that wants to explore the world, that wants to dream and dance … It is worth mentioning that having a black child as the main character in our story books is something we do not see often. And having a timeline on this real life person’s life, where he has made a meaningful impact, is truly inspiring to all, but especially those who are looking for a role model who looks like them.’

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Dream to Change the World: The Story of John La Rose by Ken Wilson-Max. Published by the George Padmore Institute

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